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Here's What a Couple of Our Clients Had to Say

Best selection in town. Great prices, and a wide variety of stains that I simply cannot find elsewhere. Everyone I've interacted with has been very nice and professional. Truly the kindest herb and staff. Thank you!
The product was as described and top quality. The prices were great and the selection was awesome. Add the fact they have a great delivery service, I know who i will be coming back to the next time i am in need.

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Premium Cannabis Delivery Service in Toronto Delivered Right to Your Door in a Safe Discreet Way

Marijuana Delivery Toronto

Need help? We've got you covered.

  1. You may either make an order by TEXT/SMS , TEXT/SIGNAL MESSENGER or through our online ordering system.
  2. Before your order gets processed, we require either 2 pieces of government issued forms of identification, or a SELFIE along with 1 piece of ID.
  3. Once you’ve placed your order and verified, your order will go out at the closest delivery interval (1PM, 4PM, or 7PM).
    NOTE: You may choose a delivery interval time that best suits you by specifying the time in your order notes or by adding it in your Details with your TEXT order . We’re always happy to change the time of delivery for you if need be.
    NOTE: It may take up to 2 to 3 hours for your order to be delivered, weather conditions notwithstanding. 
Our drivers will be leaving at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm daily to fulfill your orders. Orders will need to be sent in at least 15 minutes prior to an interval to ensure it gets sent out. For example, if you make your order by 12:45pm, your order will be sent out with a driver at 1pm.

Yes, we have a 60$ minimum. 

Spend 150$ (after coupons are applied) or more and receive FREE SHIPPING otherwise, there is a 10$ shipping charge.

Yes. You may specify which interval you’d like your delivery time to be.  Please specify in your Order Notes during checkout or detail notes by TEXT.

If we deem the weather conditions to be unsafe for our drivers (heavy snow or rain), all deliveries will be made the following working day we are open, or until the conditions have died down.

Yes. Only if specified in the Order Notes or in the Detail Notes by TEXT . Our driver will leave your package in your mailbox and a text will be sent to you that your delivery is in the mailbox. If you have chosen this option, we cannot guarantee the safety of the package after it has been dropped off.

Another alternative would be to let us know your family member or friend will be meeting our driver, either through TEXT in the Detail Notes  or in the Order Notes by E-Transfer. We, unfortunately, will not drop packages off at the concierge of a building. Thanks for understanding.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we are not accepting shipping/mail orders.

You may place orders by TEXT/SMS or TEXT/SIGNAL MESSENGER with customer service or through our online checkout system. WEBSITE: Simply make an account and ensure you have sent us 2 pieces of identification in order for us to verify your account so you can proceed with making an order.


Please send Text Orders in this format

Referral Client Number: (If applicable)

Customer Number : (If applicable)

Password: (If applicable)

Name :


Postal Code:


Detail Notes: Ex if you need change , specify delivery time preferred , text on arrival or specify a mailbox pick up ETC..

Id Verification (Only done once on first order) Send two pieces of Government ID or a SELFIE with one piece of Government ID .

**** Note to get a Customer ID Number you must sign up through the website . Customer ID number allows you to earn points ,get coupon codes and receive points for referrals .

Both options are available. Making an account on our site allows you to earn loyalty points and referral codes.

Clients can earn KIND COINS by ordering through the website, referrals, birthdays and by making reviews on LEAFYTHINGS, GOOGLE, and on our website (kindflowers.net)

Registration or re-registration (for members not registered through the website yet) on website earns 500 Kind Coins ( 20$ worth )

50 Kind Coins for each review made on our Leafythings Links or at kindflowers.net ( send screenshot(s)) of your Leafythings Reviews with your orders . You are allowed up to 5 reviews per month 250 Kind Coins worth . If a review is made @ kindflowers.net , once it is approved your points will be added to your account automatically.

200 Kind Coins for a 5 Star 1 time GOOGLE  review at this link ( Provide link ) To Claim please try to use your User Name from Kindflowers.net in the text of your review and then take a screenshot of review and send it to customer service by text @ 647-968-6325 and they can can add your points .

Referrals earn 500 coins per referral. ( This happens when a first time client registers and orders using your username as a referral .)

It’s your Birthday? We will help you stay young enjoy 500 coins when you order on your Birthday or the closest day that we are open to your Birthday.

25 COINS = 1$

May Not Be Combined with Other Offers . Any product reviews left on the site prior to receiving the product will be marked as spam and you will not get coins for it.

Yes. Send customer service a TEXT by SIGNAL MESSENGER APP  or by TEXT/SMS (Preferred) or send an email @ [email protected] and let us know before we send it out!

Unfortunately we do not accept returns or refunds. If a problem occurs reach out to customer service by TEXT at 647-968-6325.

At the moment, we only accept cash upon delivery and Interac E-Transfers when ordered through the website. 

Please specify change is needed in you Order Notes or in your Detail Notes . Please try to have exact change for your orders if possible.

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