Mango Haze Premium Shatter From Buddha Extracts (Sativa)


Flavours/Aroma: Mango Haze Shatter has a sweet yet earthy aroma with robust hints of mango. It tastes a bit sweet with delectable flavours of tropical fruits like mango and other citrusy fruits.

Effects: A Sativa-dominant strain, Mango Haze Shatter has a potent euphoric effect. One deep lungful and you’ll feel an improvement in your mood. All your negative thoughts and feelings will go away, leaving you euphoric, happy, and uplifted.

Mango Haze Shatter also has an energetic effect that increases motivation and focus. This will make you want to keep busy and be more creative and productive while staying clear-headed at the same time.

There is also a relaxing effect from its Indica genes, but this effect won’t make you sleepy or lethargic. Instead, it will just give you a relaxing body high that can set the mood for a mellow night.

Medical Conditions: Most cannabis users prefer to use Mango Haze Shatter in the afternoon. The energy boost it gives as well as the stabilizing effect it has on the mood can help you finish your daily tasks. The way it helps enhance your focus and creativity will also make you feel more motivated and productive. These effects may be perfect for medical conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders. Not only can its uplifting effects stabilize their mood, but its energizing effects will also give them that gentle push to complete the day. As the day ends, it can set the mood for a relaxing night with friends.

Medical conditions that can be relieved by its analgesic effects include chronic migraine headaches, inflammatory joint problem like arthritis, and chronic pain caused by nerve problems. It also has the ability to relieve chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It can also help decrease the frequency and severity of muscle spasms.

Our Shatter is a smooth, glassy, extremely potent cannabis extract that is achieved through a process that creates a much more concentrated form of cannabis oil. The resulting shatter falls under the umbrella term “dabs” or “concentrates”, provides a clean, hard-hitting dose that is sure to pack a punch. Those who are looking for a heavier hitting high will lean more towards shatter due to high levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Total cannabinoid counts vary from 60% – 85% depending on the strain. Our shatter comes from current flower crops, is always strain-specific and is packaged in single grams.


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