Hawaiian Lime (AAA+) Sativa



The primary medical benefit of smoking Hawaiian is for stress relief. After a particularly long and stressful day, a few hits of Hawaiian can leave you feeling upbeat and revitalized. If you suffer from depression or have anxiety related issues, this strain could be helpful to you. Chronic pain and spasms can be treated with it too. However, be advised that the Hawaiian can make your mouth quite dry and make you thirsty after smoking it. The light smell and the sweet tropical taste combined with the happy but clear buzz is what makes the Hawaiian such an outstanding strain of cannabis. Smoke it when you’re under stress and let it do its magic on you and make you feel significantly better.Common UsageDepressed10/10A Loss of Appetite2/10Anxiety10/10Pain6/10Nausea2/10Typical EffectsFocused6/10Cotton Mouth6/10Creative10/10Energetic8/10Euphoric6/10

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